Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki Day

On Friday 8th June, we had Matariki Day. There were 4 different things, sports, arts and craft, cooking and movie making. I chose sports. We  got split up in 2 teams, yellow and green. I was in the green team. We played dodgeball first in the hall. My team won. Next we play Ki-o-rahi on the hard court there was to teams that was yellow and pink. The pink team won. I was in the yellow team. After ki-o-rahi my team went to cooking to make pikelets and rice bubbles and honey and sugar. It tased nice as like honey. We made lots of pikelets and  rice bubbles and honey and sugar. At the end of the day we had assembly and we went home. I liked the day because it was so fun and we did not have to do school work.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Scanning challenge

We had 30 minutes to do our scanning challenge. We had to find answers to the questions as quickly as possible.

Monday, 19 March 2018

camp 2018

On wednesday the 7th of march the year ⅚ had camp. We had camp at pt england school on the field and we all slept in a tent. The activates i don was water slide i had heaps of sop on me. I took the hose off mr somerville and i squirted him. On thursday

I helpt mr burt with the kayaking down at pt england beach i had to wear a lifejacket. I had to help people. We all went to mangere pools for the whole day i was swimming and bombing

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Narrative Writing

Once upon a time there was a small mouse that had a friend that had to go to another friends house.So his little friend mike the little mouse said i will help you if you do something for me.You will go get me a bread,drank and a chair please so his friend said yes so he went to a bread place and got a bag and he got one bread and then he went for another adventure to go get a drank.He went to a dairy shop to get a drank he got fanta.So he went for another adventure to get a chair so he went to a chair shop and got the chair.So he went and gave all the stuff to his friend so his friend took his friend to a green long pipe that had tagging on it so he went to his friends house safely.

CC0 Public Domain: maxpixel - free great picture